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Ayurveda Massage GoaGoa's magical beaches have attracted millions of visitors over the years. This tiny state lays 400km south of Bombay bordered by Maharashtra and Karnataka states and by the Arabian Sea. Its tropical climate and 100 km of coast covered with coconut palms definitely add to the relaxed atmosphere of this eastern pearl.


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Our center is located in a small village by the ocean called Zhor Vaddo in Anjuna. With its weekly flea market, beautiful beaches and yoga centers, Anjuna has been a tourist attraction for many years so all needed facilities are available.

The best, and most popular, time to visit Goa is during the cooler months of November to March, when the weather is wonderful, rain is a distant memory, and the seas are calm and clear. Arriving in October, at the very start of the tourist season, you’ll find beaches luxuriously empty, but many facilities, such as shops, restaurants, beach shacks and beach-hut operations, aren’t yet up and running. As March stretches into April and May, the weather grows hot and humid, and swimming becomes trickier due to rougher seas. Beaches slowly empty of tourists but, much like October, this means that facilities aren’t as extensive, businesses slowly shutting up shop to await the return of tourists the following November.

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Transportation to Goa
During the winter season you may find direct flights to Goa airport from selected destinations in Europe and the US.
Flights from around the world arrive at Bombay international airport on a daily or weekly basis throughout the year.
From Bombay you can travel by air, train, bus or taxi.
Air - Bombay's domestic airport is located beside the international terminal. There are a few flights available every day.  It is approximately 1 hour drive from the Goa airport to our center.
Train - there are a few trains leaving everyday from Victoria train station in Bombay. The ride takes approximately 12 hours. It is approximately 1 hour drive from the nearest train station to our center.
Buses & taxies - leave from Dadar square all day long. The ride takes approximately 12 hours. There are buses arriving at Mapusa, which is 20 minutes drive from our center.

ayurveda massage courses goaAccommodation
There are numerous resorts, hotels and guesthouses throughout Anjuna ranging from 5 star luxurious hotels at 45-80 Euros per night to cheaper guesthouses at 15-30 Euros per night.

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