Ayurveda Massage Training – Level 2

Ayurveda MassageLevel 2 training course is designed for bodyworkers who have completed Seed Ayurvedic Massage training 1 and are looking for additional skills and techniques to treat specific problems.   

In this training you will learn how to treat clients with various pains and problems in specific areas such as lower back, mid and upper back, neck, arms and knees.

In addition to using hands and feet you will also learn how to use knees and elbows, freeing the hands and feet for manipulations and strokes while simultaneously stretching the body.

Ayurveda MassageYou will also learn exercises to give clients as homework, to increase flexibility and release stiffness or blocks, and how to use weights and towels and an inversion chair to create passive stretches to maximize your session. A basic knowledge of the musco-skeleton system will be taught.

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