Seed Ayurveda Massage Workshop

This workshop is designed to give the beginning masseur or practicing masseur an introduction to Seed Ayurvedic Massage.

What you will learn in this 20 hour workshop:

  • How to apply oil and calamus herbal powder to produce light ,medium and deep strokes to increase circulation of the blood and lymph and release muscle tension
  • How to use your 'tools' - palms, thumbs fingers and fists - to massage                      
  • How to safely stretch the limbs and spine to improve flexibility      
  • How to dialogue with your partner to maximize the effectiveness of your work         

Seed Ayurveda MassageOn completion of this workshop you will be able to give a 30 minute "mini" Seed Ayurvedic massage. 

Students of the workshop who wish to continue to the Seed Ayurvedic Massage Level 1 will be able to do so at a reduced price.

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