Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation


Ayurveda, Yoga and MeditationAyurveda is a complementary alternative medicine system, native to India and part of the world body of alternative medicine. In Sanskrit, it means "knowledge of life" (ayur: life, veda: knowledge). It is a traditional Indian holistic healing system (6,000 years old) embracing: yoga, diet, meditation, herbal remedies and massage, which includes head massage, foot massage, full body, therapeutic yoga massage and marmas-pressure points.

Western systems of healing are based on analysis and logical deduction. Western thinking tends to generalize and categorize individual symptoms. This usually emphasizes a quick, repressive treatment of the symptom (e.g. using painkillers to 'cure' body pain).

Ayurveda understands that health is a harmonic balance between diet, body, mind and environment. If any of these are out of balance, dis-ease sets in. Ayurveda offers preventative health care, healing and treatment of disease.

Seed Ayurvedic Massage
In this massage we deal with the treatment of dis-ease by:

  • Increasing the vital energy flow from head to feet (Prana - life energy),
  • Stimulating the blood and lymph (Circulation),
  • Opening and expanding the body with stretches and directions (Yoga),
  • Encouraging deeper and more natural breathing (Respiration),
  • Deep and reassuring strokes with .hands and feet for opening the body and releasing toxins, tensions & blocks.



Yoga GoaAyurveda and yoga are sister sciences. Yogic stretches help to bring one's awareness from the head/mind (stress) back to the body / feeling (relaxation). They have both preventive and curative values. They are very important for opening the joints, expanding ­the body and re-educating the body map in the brain.

In Ayurveda, yoga means 'right usage' or 'right combination'. In this massage, we select a unique combination of stretches to correct whatever is unbalanced. This also helps remove energy blocks, so that an even flow of vitality (Prana) is possible.



Meditation brings awareness, harmony and natural order to human life. It awakens the intelligence to make life happy, peaceful and creative.

We experience meditation through silence, dance, catharsis (emotional release) and any creativity. Osho meditations - Nadabrahma, Kundalini and Dynamic - are very effective methods to reach this space.

With this massage, meditation brings us to the “here and now”, totally present, open to listen and respond to what we feel is happening in the body.

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