Ayurveda Massage Treatment

Ayurveda Massage TreatmentSeed Ayurvedic Massage was created from extensive experience combining traditional Asian and contemporary Western techniques. Sw. Anand Subuddha has been a long-time student and assistant to the world-famous master Kusum Modak in Pune, India, who combined in her technique stimulating massage and bodywork with Aiyangar therapeutic yoga.
This unique massage is a deep and sensitive bodywork combining:

  • Oil & herbal powder to regulate strokes and stimulate blood & lymphatic circulation.
  • Deep & reassuring strokes with hands and feet to open the body and release toxins, tensions & blocks.
  • Yogic stretches - a combination to open joints and re-educate the body map (in the brain).
  • Directions to maximize stretches & expand the body.
  • Respiration - encouraging deeper and more natural breathing
  • Contemporary therapies: meditation, breathwork, dialoguing, joint release & Alexander technique.

Ayurveda Massage TreatmentThis provocative yet deeply relaxing combination increases the body's vital energy (prana) flow from feet to head. Easy to diagnose with, it can help pinpoint the root problem areas of body and bring relief to the symptoms manifesting (e.g. back, neck knee pain etc,). Once balance is restored it is an excellent weekly maintenance for people who are interested in preventative health care.
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