Wassage Water Therapy Workshop 1

Seed Ayurveda Massage This workshop provides a unique experience of contact in and with the water. In this 4 day workshop you will experience, learn and practice how to hold and move a partner in water. Holding and moving a partner in water creates a tremendous feeling of trust and relaxation, allowing the recipient to let go, deeply relax and “disappear”.

As gravity is not pulling on the legs or arms, the spine is free, giving immediate relief to any spinal condition especially neck or low back pain. The worrying mind relaxes and disappears, somehow melting into the water bringing a deep sense of freedom, and magically stress and worries also disappear!

Seed Ayurveda MassageWater has a mirroring effect on the body. It is easy to see imbalance in the body, for example a rotated hip or a contracted neck. As a body worker in the water you will have 360 degree access to the recipient body, as opposed to treatment on a table or mattress where you have 180 degree access. This full access to the body enables you to work on the whole body at one time, and working immersed in the water allows for free and effortless body work.

This workshop mainly focuses on work with the head above water:

  • Rotated and lateral stretching
  • Cradling and comforting
  • Joint release and freeing tightness or stiffness in muscles and tendons
  • Using props, e.g. noodles, floaters, weights and nose clips, to maximize the effect of the session

On the last day some time will be given to taking your partner under the water.

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