Wassage Water Therapy

Wassage Water TherapyThe ancient Indian sanskrit term Samadhi best describes this experience; Samadhi is the bliss in which one disappears, it is immensely beneficial to disappear, to take a break from the worrying mind, but don’t worry - you will come back!                       

Being immersed with ears under the water and eyes closed brings a deep silence to the session. In this relaxed state you will be held, cradled, massaged, stretched, flexed and rotated .This combination of movements releases tight muscles and stiffness in the joints, and together with the flow of water over the body, has a powerful balancing effect on the body/mind, releasing pain and stress and repressed emotions
Wassage Water TherapyAs gravity is not pulling on the legs or arms, the spine is free, giving immediate relief to any spinal condition especially neck or low back pain. The worrying mind relaxes and disappears, somehow melting into the water bringing a deep sense of freedom, and, magically stress and worries also disappear.

Everybody has an unconscious memory of being in the mother’s womb, 9 months in warm water bliss, nothing to do, no worries or concerns, no problems, just being. Our mothers were taking care of everything. 

We invite you to experience this blissful state again the bliss of Samadhi, The bliss of just being.

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